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Nora Fulton

Colleen Fulton

My research is concerned with the ways contemporary philosophical understandings of ontology and temporality as fundamentally contingent can inform the contested positionality of transgender life, subjectivity, and being. I am interested in how this contestation (and conversation with philosophy) expresses itself through literature and other media.

My project will investigate the capacities and incapacities of major thinkers of ontology and temporality to think being-trans, and will serve as a critique of theoretical approaches to being-trans that reside at purely ontic or discursive levels (performativity and psychoanalytic theory, for example).

I am currently an affiliate and coordinator at Concordia’s Centre for Expanded Poetics, where I hope to extend the question of “poesis as making” to the question of remaking that is so central to discussions of transgender experience.

Other than my academic writing, I also write poetry concerned with all of the above – my first book, Life Experience Coolant, was published by Bookthug in 2013. My poetic and critical work can be found (and is forthcoming) in a variety of print and online publications.

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