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Emma Cullen

My research explores the legacy of radical poetics in digital communities and considers how collaborative narrative forms can generate new modes of connection and cultural analysis. I'm particularly interested in concrete poetry, the OuLiPo, and experimental and conceptual poetry more generally. I will be working within the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology with Dr. Darren Werschler on my doctoral research creation project, which will consider how constraint works both thematically and formally within co-creative digital poetics.

I am currently a research assistant working with Dr. Sina Queyras on their SSHRC-funded research creation project "Writing Beyond The Room," which expands on Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” by exploring the role of spatiality in creative writing.

I completed my BA at Trent University in 2018 in the departments of English Literature and Cultural Studies, and my MA at the University of Alberta in 2021 in the department of English and Film Studies. My MA final project was a SSHRC-funded interdisciplinary research creation portfolio that self-reflexively questioned my precarious position as a chronically ill/disabled scholar and poet. This included inventing methods that adapted the work of writing and researching in order to accommodate my chronic symptoms and body, a practice I plan to incorporate into my doctoral work. I am currently working on developing this portfolio into my first book of poetry/research creation.

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