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Effy Morris

My interests include queer and contemporary poetics, genre bending, critical theory and decolonial practices.

My research asks, how does grammar regulate conditions of being within western socioeconomic power structures? I focus on writers who invite precarity into language and use the radicality of poetics to (un)grammar ontologies and subvert readability. In doing so, I theorize how the performative and dialogic modes of the lyric dispossess normative modes of the pronoun. How do these writers necessarily fail at failed language to instead live with joy, exhaustion, anger and wistfully within the question?

I am currently a coordinator at the Centre for Expanded Poetics. I founded and co-edit the interdisciplinary magazine O BOD, an affiliated project of the CEP. Outside of doctoral studies, I write, make and think through touch, gender, sexuality and space. My recent work can be found in print, online, spoken at conferences or through conversation.

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