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Jessica Ruzek

My current research focuses on the environmental humanities, forest and landscape literature, and postcolonial, decolonial, and eco-media studies. In particular, my project analyzes the cultural and material entanglements between settler and Indigenous cultures, humans and nonhumans, and the publishing industry and forested spaces in Canada.

My other research interests include science and speculative fiction, particularly dystopian and post-apocalyptic texts; trauma, memory, and exile; comic studies; zines; and textile folk art. My research collaborations include interrogating the role of libraries’ special collections as sites of contestation. Recently, I have also served as the lead researcher and digital exhibit assistant for Dalhousie University’s Kipling Scrapbooks Digital Exhibit, which showcases nineteenth-century scrapbooks that preserve Rudyard Kipling early travelogues, Letters of Marque.

I am a composition instructor in the Department of English and a research assistant to Dr. Jill Didur. My Master of Arts in English is from the University of Lethbridge.

Apart from my research and instructorship, I spend my time knitting, writing, making zines, and adoring my cat, Mordecai.

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