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Connect Concordia mentorship program

The program connects undergraduate student mentees with Concordia staff, faculty, or graduate student mentors.

Mentees will explore the professional life of a Concordia staff member, learn about their mentor’s career paths, and experience a real-life work environment. They can discuss their own projects, academic goals, and professional goals while improving their professional communication skills.

Equity deserving students will receive a $140 participation award upon completion! Equity deserving students include: International students, newcomers and refugees, Students with disabilities, Black students, Indigenous students, People of colour and students of racialized groups, members of the LGBTQ2S+, parents and caregivers.

Why be a mentee?

You will connect with a mentor for approximately 10 hours over the course of a term. The schedule will be determined by both you and your mentor, and meetings can be held either online or in person.

As a mentee, you can:

  • Build confidence at school and work
  • Expand your knowledge and skills
  • Explore potential career paths
  • Receive valuable advice and support from an experienced individual
  • Build your professional network
  • Grow personally and professionally
  • Prepare for life after graduation

Whatever your motivation, and it’s likely to be a mix of different things, sign up today to be connected to a faculty, staff or graduate student mentor.

How the program works

  • The program is open to all undergraduate students and runs every term, including spring/summer.
  • Applications open 1 week before and close 1 week after the term starts.
  • After the deadline, you'll select preferred mentors from a provided list. 
  • Matches are first come, first serve.

You also have the option to find your own mentor by reaching out to faculty, staff, researchers, or graduate students. Inform them about the Connect Concordia mentorship program, its benefits, and submit the form once matched.

  • Once the match is confirmed by the program coordinator, you’ll receive an email with a pre-experience survey.
  • After completing the survey, you’ll be e-introduced to your mentor. Reach out to them to schedule your meetings.

  • Identify your goals and expectations (e.g., professional communication skills, career exploration).
  • Review the "Planning for the mentorship experience" document available in the resource section below.

  • Get to know each other and share your goals and expectations to help guide future sessions.
  • Use the available resources below to help define expectations, set goals and choose suitable activities. Every mentorship experience is unique!

  • Please fill out the feedback form to help us improve our program. The link will be sent via email.
  • You have the option of staying connected with your mentor. Check in to see if they are willing to do so.
  • Equity deserving students will receive a $140 award upon completing the program once their mentor confirms the hours.

  • The program coordinator will reach out periodically via email.
  • Do not hesitate to reach out with questions or comments at

Mentorship Resources

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