Procedure mask recycling

At Concordia, masks are recycled.

Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory in most university settings. However, because it remains an effective tool in reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, procedure masks remain available at most Concordia building entrances.  

The Zero Waste Program and Environmental Health and Safety are working with an external recycling partner (MultiRecycle) to reduce Concordia’s mask waste.

  • The masks will be separate into three parts: elastics, nose clip and filter.

  • The nose clip is 100% recyclable aluminum.

  • The filter part will be shredded and made into new useful products. 

*All colours of disposable masks, N95 and K95 masks are accepted in our mask recycling bins.


Mask recycling bin locations

Downtown (SGW)

  • EV1: Located in lobby by St Catherine St. entrance, lobby in front of GCS Elevators, and Hallway Entrance off of MacKay St. entrance
  • FB0: Located in main lobby in front of security desk at Guy St. entrance.
  • FB1: Located at top of escalator (FB 100-90).
  • FGA level: Located in hallway leading to FGB and FGC classrooms.
  • GA1: Located in main lobby, also located at side entrance off of St. Mathieu St.
  • GM1: Located in lobby in front of security desk.
  • GN1: Located at main entrance in front of security desk.
  • H1: Located at main entrance off of Maisonneuve and inside Bishop St. entrance.
  • H00: Located inside entrance for tunnel.
  • LB1: Located in front of Security desk, Located inside Maisonneuve entrance, located inside entrance from alleyway, and located at entrance to library.
  • MB1: Located in front of security desk and in front of elevators
  • MBS2: Located at entrance to tunnel.
  • VA1: Located at main entrance in front of security desk.


  • AD1: Located in main lobby.
  • AD2: Located in main lobby.
  • CC1: Located inside entrance from AD and inside entrance from RF.
  • CJ1: Located at entrance to bookstore and inside entrance from Quad courtyard.
  • CJ2: Located inside main entrance from Sherbrooke St.
  • FC1: Located at main entrance to Chapel and at side entrance.
  • GE1: Located in lobby by entrance.
  • HB1: Located in lobby by entrance.
  • HU1: Located at each entrance to main lobby.
  • JR1: Located at entrance.
  • PC1: Located in front of security desk by entrance.
  • PY0: Located at side entrance.
  • PY1: Located at main entrance from parking lot and side entrance by RF bldg.
  • RA1: Located in lobby of main entrance and at entrance from parking lot.
  • SC1: Located inside main entrance.
  • SP1A: Located in front of security desk and at main entrance.
  • SP1B: Located in hallway inside GE and Sherbrooke St. entrance.
  • VL1: Located in lobby by main entrance and by side entrance to VE.

Our recycling partner


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