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Zero Waste

At Zero Waste Concordia, our mission is to divert and reduce as much waste on campus away from landfill, and instead reduce, reuse, recycle and rot.


Book free reusable dishware, volunteers for waste sorting, and sustainable waste bin set-ups!

Zero Waste Concordia Program Becoming a model for zero-waste in the city through innovative community collaborations
Find out about our objectives, key initiatives, becoming a partner, and how to get support for your own initiative.
Reuse at Concordia CUCCR - Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse
CUCCR diverts materials from Concordia’s waste-stream, offering them to the general community for free.
Coffee cups Reduce Concordia's greatest source of waste
Did you know that coffee cups are recyclable at Concordia? Want to know where to get a reusable mug?
Paper Purchasing, reuse, and recycling info
Learn what types of paper are the most sustainable, how to encourage less paper use, and more.
Waste Audits Find out how Concordia fares
Waste auditing is held regularly to assess Concordia's waste diversion. Get access to our waste audit reports and find out how to audit your own events or office waste.
Volunteer Opportunities and Zero Waste News Get Involved and Stay Connected
Get Zero Waste Concordia news or join the Zero Waste Concordia volunteer team. Educate the Concordia community on waste reduction, help collect food for donation, or lend a hand at a waste audit.
Zero Waste Week Workshops and waste reduction tips
Zero Waste Week is a series of workshops and info sessions on how to cut down on your waste to produce as little going to the landfill as possible
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Compost at Concordia Recycling organics on campus
Find out where to compost your organics at SGW and Loyola. Learn what is and isn't accepted for compost.
E-waste Find out how to recycle your e-waste on campus
Concordia has several e-waste bins in place to accept your various e-waste, including electronics, batteries, ink/toner cartridges, and CFL bulbs.
Earth Day 2015 - e-Waste Pickup
Low Waste Offices Changes coming to offices across Concordia
Compost and trashless offices are coming to departments across Concordia. Find out about the success of this program and the resources you need to prepare your office.

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