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University of the Streets Café is a community-driven program that wouldn’t exist without the enthusiasm and involvement of many people. We happily welcome new members to our community in different capacities each year. If you would like to get more involved with our public conversation program, to suggest a topic, or to host one of our events please email the Program Coordinator at

We’d like to say a huge Thank You to the people and organizations below who have made this year’s line-up of public conversations possible!

Current/Past Moderators

Suzanne Amro
Minda Bernstein
Sara Breitkreutz
Noémie Brière Marquez
Anurag Dhir
Helen Downie
Susan Edey
Alex Enkerli
Miriam Fahmy
Eryn Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Hunt
Renee Jackson
Cédric Jamet
Alex Megelas
Michael O’Brien
Alex Oster
Lucia Plescia
Salima Punjani
Jamie Robinson
Jimmy Ung

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