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Towards a Carbon Governance Living Lab: Designing and Testing Local Decarbonization Governance Experiments

Key project details

Principal investigator Adriane MacDonald, associate professor, Management, and Canada Research Chair in Governance and Sustainability, Concordia University

Co-principal investigators

Alexandra Lesnikowski, assistant professor, Geography, Planning and Environment, Concordia University; Raymond Paquin, professor, Management, Concordia University; Damon Matthews, professor, Geography, Planning and Environment, and Concordia Research Chair in Climate Science and Sustainability, Concordia University

Research collaborators

Ursula Eicker, Caroline Hachem-Vermette, Baron Tymas, Louise Caroline Bergeron, Jennifer Garard, Rébecca Gelly-Cyr, Patrick Dubé, Sébastien Parent-Durand, Luce Beaulieu, Ayse Turak, Renato Lago, Pereira Chaves, Michèle Paulin, Benjamin Docquiere and Joel Bothello
Non-academic collaborators Front Commun pour la transition énergétique (FTCÉ), Conseil Régional de l’Environnement de Montréal (CRE Montréal), Alliance des corporations d’habitations abordables du territoire du Grand Montréal (ACHAT), Vivre en Ville
Research Keywords Decarbonization, climate action, governance experiments, multi-stakeholder collaboration, living labs, resilient communities, robust action
Budget Cash: $257,700 In-Kind: $234,331

Research focus

A detailed 3D model visualization of an urban area with various layers indicating different aspects of the built environment. The image shows a software interface with main layers and services listed on the left side, including options for 'Built Environment', 'Transport', 'Energy', 'Waste' and 'Ecosystem'.

Develop an open-access database of decarbonization initiatives

This project will identify and document local 'carbon governance experiments' in communities across Canada. By creating a comprehensive database of local initiatives, this project improves access to data about such projects, expediting their progress and expansion.

A detailed 3D model visualization of an urban area with various layers indicating different aspects of the built environment. It features a services menu with options such as 'Building Info', 'Energy Demand' and 'Network Solution'.

Establish a carbon governance living lab

The Living Lab will allow researchers and partners to codesign, test and evaluate the efficacy of governance experiments to address challenges related to facilitating affordable and inclusive habitats. This contributes to building resilient decarbonized communities by creating a testing ground where novel interventions can be tested and assessed through action research projects, co-designed and implemented by lab partners.

Create a replicable carbon governance framework

The overall goal of this project is to identify and design decarbonization interventions that mobilize local stakeholders and change behaviour towards resilient and inclusive decarbonized communities. The aim is to create a replicable framework based on lessons learned from the pilot living lab and the database of carbon governance experiments.

Non-academic partners

Thank you to our non-academic partners for your support and trust.

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