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Municipal outreach

W2I project - municipal outreach - Toronto Speakers presenting at an event to mark Toronto's Proclamation designating "Will to Intervene" Day. From Left: Former Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay, Tarek Fatah, journalist and author, Kyle Matthews, W2I Senior Deputy Director, Frank Chalk, MIGS Director, Tina Park and Victor MacDiarmid, Co-Founders, Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, Patrick Quinton-Brown and David Byun, Co-Chairpersons, Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, Jillian Siskind, President of Canadian Laywers for International Human Rights. Image by Nicolett Jakab.
W2I projct - romeo dallaire and Vancouver mayor gregor robertson

Civic Dialogues

Civic dialogues are closed-door discussions with politicians from every level of government, business people, academics, NGO directors, journalists, religious leaders and public intellectuals. W2I engages them in locating the intersection between the national interest and preventing mass atrocities. Participants in the civic dialogues assess our strategic recommendations and brainstorm on how W2I's recommendations can be integrated into federal government policies. The aim of the civic dialogues, as opposed to public lectures, is to inform and galvinize a small group of interested, influential people in key North American cities who can help us to introduce resolutions at municipal councils, provincial and state legislatures, the Parliament of Canada and the Congress of the U.S. calling on the Canadian and American governments to implement W2I's recommendations. Having accomplished pilot civic dialogues in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, MIGS is ready to expand its awareness raising activities across key North American cities.

Municipal proclamations in support of W2I

Ottawa proclamation of support for W2I

On September 24, 2012, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson passed a symbolic proclamation in support of the W2I Project. The proclamation was followed by a panel discussion featuring, former Ambassador Paul Heinbecker, MP David Kilgour, David Petrasek (UoO), Errol Mendes (UoO), Frank Chalk, and Kyle Matthews. The discussion was hosted by CBC television jounrnalist Evan Solomon.

See the Ottawa Proclamation 
See the video of the panel discussion 
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See pictures of the event


On May 10 2012, Mayor Rob Ford of the City of Toronto passed a symbolic proclamation in support of the W2I Project and the prevention of mass atrocities.

See the Toronto Proclamation. 
Read the Press Release.


Mayor Naheed Nenshi of the City of Calgary passed a similar proclamation in support of the W2I Project on May 27, 2011.

See the Calgary Proclamation.


On November 12, 2010, LGen Roméo Dallaire (rtd) met with Mayor Gregor Robertson of the City of Vancouver.

The Mayor proclaimed the 12th November "Will to Intervene Day" and he endorsed W2I's recommedations to the Government of Canada.

This was the first municipal proclaimation in favour of W2I and our thanks go out to Vancouver city councillor Geoff Meggs for his help in acheiving this.

See the Vancouver Proclamation.

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