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The report

"Inhumanity, when it is systematised as it is in dictatorial and genocidal regimes, is not only an outrage against common human values, but it also carries very real security implications."

Strobe Talbott, president of the Brookings Institution

Led by Kyle Matthews, the W2I researchers interviewed more than 80 high-level policy makers, members of Congress and Parliament, NGO representatives, and journalists in Canada and the U.S., some for the first time on record. After more than 18 months of work, W2I’s first report, Mobilizing the Will to Intervene: Leadership and Action to Prevent Mass Atrocities, was released in the fall of 2009 throughout North America. Drawing on the lessons learned from the 1994 Rwandan Genocide and the 1999 Kosovo crisis, the report made key recommendations to government officials, legislators, civil society and the media in the United States and Canada to generate the political will to prevent mass atrocities.

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