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Carla Barqueiro, researcher for the W2I Project, completed her BA and MA in Sociology at McGill University and her PhD at the Department of International Politics at the Aberystwyth University. Her research focuses on human security, international law, and Canadian and American foreign policy. She is a two-time recipient of the Human Security in Cities Graduate Research Award from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (dfait) and the Canadian Consortium on Human Security. Her policy publications include An Examination of Urban Violent Crime in Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo (online, dfait, June, 2006) and Children in Endemic Urban Violence: Assessing the ‘Protection Gap’ through a Human Security Perspective (forthcoming, dfait). She currently lives in Washington DC.

Simon Doyle, researcher for the W2I Project and Ottawa-based journalist, joined migs after more than five years of work in journalism. As a former reporter with the CanWest News parliamentary bureau in Ottawa, and former deputy editor of The Hill Times newspaper, he has written extensively about federal lobbying and Canadian politics and policy. He is a member of the Canadian Study of Parliament Group and the Historical Society of Ottawa, and volunteers a regular column about the news business for the Canadian Association of Journalists’ Media magazine. He holds an MJ from Carleton University (2006) and a BA in history from the University of Toronto (2002).

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