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Canadian Parliamentary launch

On October 1st, 2009 the Genocide Prevention Group hosted the official Canadian parliamentary launch of the W2I Project. More than 40 Members of Parliament and Senators from all political parties were in attendance as well as over 60 representatives from non-governmental organizations, religious communities, government departments and academic institutions. The event was hosted by Paul Dewar, Chair of the All-Party Group for the Prevention of Genocide and moderated by Robert Fowler, former Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations.

  • Kyle Matthews; Will to Intervene Lead Researcher
  • Roméo Dallaire; Co-director of the Will to Intervene Project
  • Allan Gotlieb, former Canadian Ambassador to the United States
  • Kirsten Johnson, McGill Faculty of Medecine, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.
Audio recordings of the proceedings
Supplementary testimony

Dr. Kirsten Johnson’s testimony on the public health impact of Genocide.

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