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Will to Intervene (W2I)

"Our failures in Rwanda make it vital for us not only to learn from our mistakes, but to act on what we have learned. The W2I project developed by MIGS will play a key-role in moving our elected representatives to lead in the prevention of future mass atrocity crimes"

L.Gen (Ret.), the Honourable Roméo A. Dallaire, MIGS' Senior Fellow

The Will to Intervene (W2I) Project is a crucial initiative developed jointly by General Roméo Dallaire and Dr. Frank Chalk of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) that is spearheading the fight against genocide by building domestic political will in Canada and the United States to prevent future mass atrocities.

The W2I team works to advance public policy on mass atrocity crimes prevention through the education and training of policymakers, elected officials, diplomats, journalists and civil society groups. W2I organises conferences, policy briefings, specialised training sessions and civic dialogues to generate awareness and understanding of what policies can be put in place to make "never again" a reality.

W2I's ground-breaking 2009 policy report, Mobilizing The Will To Intervene: Leadership and Action to Prevent Mass Atrocities, contains concrete policy recommendations for the governments of Canada and of the United States, as well as recommendations for journalists and civil society groups, which will advance this goal. It details the long term consequences to Canadian and American security, public health and prosperity that result from mass atrocities, which make engaging in the prevention of such atrocities in each county's national interest.

MIGS gratefully acknowledges vital lead support for W2I granted by The Simons Foundation (Vancouver, BC) and Concordia University, and the generous support of James Stanford (Calgary) and The Aaron and Wally Fish Family Foundation.

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