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Food aid for those affected by Somali famine.

Food aid for those affected by the famine: Oxfam East Africa.


Mogadishu - a city torn by war: Mohamed Amin Jibril/IRIN.

Outdoor school for Somali refugees fleeing famine and drought, in Dadaab, Kenya

Outdoor school for Somali refugees feeling famine and drought, in Dadaab, Kenya.

Map of Somalia

Media in Somalia

Due to the highly unstable and fragmented state of Somalia, its media can be equally as unstable and fragmented. There has been a boost in media as more diverse, professional and free press emerges. The difficulties remain that journalists in Somalia face constant threats and danger, making the deliverance of information a dangerous and potentially life threatening task. Media sources can be highly partisan and under strict government control, and these presently include Radio Mogadishu,  Somaliland National TV, and Radio Hargeisa. Privately owned media such as Radio Shabelle, Radio Banaadir, Somaliland Times, and Radio Glakayo, are commonly used for more accurate and un-biased reports. Information will be drawn from various domestic media sources, along with international sources to create reports for the Media Monitoring Project, Somalia. 

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