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Central African Republic

Seleka Fighters in the Central African Republic

Seleka Fighters - copyright: AFP.

Central African Republic - internal displaced people

Internal Displaced People in CAR - copyright: OCA/Laura Fultang.

Map of the Central African Republic

Media in CAR

Illiteracy and the lack of communications infrastructure make it difficult for local communities to access information. There are ca. 30 small newspapers in CAR but only a dozen are regularly published. The most important ones are Le Citoyen andLe Confident. . The media consist largely of low-circulation newspapers and isolated radio stations. They can be divided in three categories: religious, private/independent, and community radio.

Radio is the most-popular medium. In Bangui, UN-sponsored Radio Ndeke Luka provides balanced output, and rebroadcasts international news programming. Other radio and TV stations are run by the state-run Radiodiffusion-Television Centrafricaine and provide little coverage of the political opposition.

Officials and armed groups have targeted journalists and media outlets

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