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Lilian Leifert
Lilian Leifert

Lilian Leifert is a Master student at Freiburg University in Germany, where she is studying sociology. She holds a Bachelor degree in sociology and cultural anthropology from Göttingen University.

She is specializing in sociology of globalization and her main interests are (anti-)democratic movements online and offline and the construction of identity in respect to genocide/within genocidal ideologies. She has done research on the recruitment of western Muslim girls for ISIS through social media platforms, on neo-racism within rightwing movements and the construction of Argentine national identity with regard to the indigenous genocide.

She is a freelancer with the German Center for Civic Education in Baden-Württemberg, conducting workshops with youth about current political issues. In the future she wants to work at the crossroad of social sciences and politics, investigating how research can be used to make a change in the world. 

Silke Melbye-Hansen

Silke Melbye-Hansen is a Danish Master student of International Security and Law at the University of Southern Denmark.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Roskilde University.

Silke has conducted fieldwork in Bosnia-Herzegovina in relation to her bachelor thesis on post-conflict management and state-building in the state.

The main areas of her interests include the legal and political aspects of mass atrocity prevention, conflict resolution and post-conflict management, and she hopes to work with the furthering of international humanitarian law, human rights and the development and implementation of the UN Responsibility to Protect (R2P).

Cédrick Mulcair
Cédrick Mulcair

Cédrick Mulcair is entering into the third year of his Bachelor’s degree at McGill University. Completing a double Major in Political Science and History, Cédrick is hoping to later transition into the faculty of law and pursue studies in international law and the promotion of human rights through doctrines such as the responsibility to protect (R2P). His two Majors are a demonstration of the research fields which interest him most, namely conflict resolution, the roots of conflict both internationally / domestically and the promotion of international human rights through domestic policy and international consensus building.

Cédrick is also involved in his communities Federal Executive Council as former Vice-President Youth, now part-time assistant. His experiences range from close to a decade of part-time work, to having acted as an assistant to Community Outreach for Member of Parliament Djaouida Sellah.

Greer Nicholson

Greer Nicholson is a law student at McGill University. She holds two bachelors degrees also from McGill focused on political science, philosophy and economics with an honours thesis on norms of cooperation from a game theoretic perspective.

Greer worked as an editor for the McGill International Journal of Sustainable Law and Policy as well as the McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution. She served in the Canadian Forces Army Reserves for many years in infantry and intelligence. She also worked in rural Kenya for an international development NGO and interned in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution.

Her main interest is the decision making with respect to cooperation and violent conflict, the role of human rights norms and international law.

Isabel Tamoj

Isabel Tamoj is a Master student at Sciences Po in Paris, where she studies Human Rights and Humanitarian Action. Originally from Germany, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Free University Berlin, focusing on the study of genocides and cultures of remembrance.

Isabel has previously worked for the United States Holocaust Museum in the course of a voluntary service and as an research assistant at the Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development in Berlin.

Since 2015, Isabel has been actively supporting the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement, a network of European antiracist NGOs, where she has organized and taken part in conferences that brought her to Hungary and Rwanda. In the summer of 2016, she helped to launch a network of European parliamentarians on genocide prevention by conducting research on existing European mechanisms of mass atrocity prevention and global initiatives in that field.

Isabel’s main fields of interest include mass atrocity prevention, civil society and grassroots activism, post-conflict societies and the fight against racism and any form of political or religious extremism.

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Christoph Semken previously served as an Assistant for Information Technology and is currently completing his Master of Arts in International Relations and Economics at the University of Aberdeen. His latest publication "Tracking the Blue: Phone and Vehicle Location Systems for UN Peacekeeping" is available at

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