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Student Fellows

Youth Fellows and John Lemieux Student Fellows

Tayif Ahmed

Tayif Ahmed is an undergraduate student majoring in Political Science at Concordia University. His interest in politics grew from back home in Bangladesh, where he was constantly surrounded by talks of local and national politics of Bangladesh. His participation in political campaigning during elections as well as delegating in various model UNs piqued his interest in politics and human rights, both international and national. His interest in the South Asian diaspora and youth politics led him to participate in student run organizations such as the Bangladeshi Students’ Association of Concordia as VP External and later as an Independent Councilor of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations. He hopes to be able to one day research human rights sustenance and violations in South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. As an intern at MIGS, Tayif looks forward to contributing to the organization’s goals and objectives, as well as expanding his knowledge on genocide and human rights studies and how to utilize such knowledge to create more efficient policies.


Daphné Beaudoin

As a master’s degree candidate in International Law (LL.M.), Daphné Beaudoin's research focuses on issues related to international treaty law protection to refugees during armed conflicts. Having the defence of human rights as a key component of her career’s interest, she contributed to the work of the International Clinic for the Defence of Human Rights at UQAM, Amnesty International Canada and the Canadian Red Cross. Close to the academic sector, she worked with the Faculty of Political Science and Law at UQAM and is an active member of the Société Québécoise de droit international.

More recently, she was fortunate enough to join the Canadian Embassy in Paris to pursue her interest in international relations and diplomacy that has been develop during her participation to the COP27 and the COP15. Her passion for International Humanitarian Law, human rights’ defence and climate diplomacy permits her to have a unique point of view on cross-sectoral crises. She joins MIGS with the objective to contribute more actively to concrete initiatives towards the respect of human rights both locally and internationally. 

Michaela de Toldi

Michaela de Toldi is an undergraduate student in Political Sciences with a Minor in Law and Society at Concordia University. Her academic interests surround international relations, genocides, conflicts entrenched in religious beliefs, and human rights.

During her expatriations in her childhood, namely in Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong, Michaela witnessed many human rights violations especially toward ethnic minorities exploited for their manpower and cheap labour. These constant human rights violations pushed her to realize that she wanted to work in a field that could have an impact, in which meaningful actions had to take place through partnerships and cooperation to challenge the status quo and bring about change.

She wishes to further her studies by doing a master’s degree at Science Po Paris in International Security. She will be joining MIGS as a Human Rights Officer for the next months and assist in planning, outreaching, organizing conferences and drafting external communications.

Katerina Sviderska

Katerina Sviderska is a master’s student in Political Science at Université de Montréal. She holds a bachelor’s in International Studies from the same university, as well as a certificate in Social Science from SciencesPo Paris. Her academic interests surround the issues of political violence, nationalism and propaganda. Under the supervision of Magdalena Dembinska, Katerina is currently writing her thesis, which analyses the factors motivating Russian soldiers to commit war atrocities against Ukrainian civilians. She also works for the Chair of Ukrainian Studies at University of Ottawa.


Tim William Zøllner

Tim William Zøllner is currently a master's student in rhetoric at the University of Copenhagen with a particular interest in rhetorical citizenship, which is a concept within the field of rhetoric that covers the rights, opportunities and limitations of the democratic citizen to be able to participate actively in the public debate. In his education, Tim has followed the course Misinformation and democracy and written his bachelor's thesis on the Danish government's crisis management of Corona.

Beside his studies, Tim is a junior consultant at Rhetorica, a Danish consultancy that teaches international, Danish companies and ministries in communication and management. Tim has worked freelance and published several analyzes of the political rhetoric in Denmark and abroad for the foreign policy magazine RÆSON, in which he, among other things, has interviewed the former professor of international law and judge for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Frederik Harhoff, about war crimes in Ukraine, analyzed Joe Biden's speech in Poland's capital Warsaw last year and the Danish Prime Minister's New Year's speech. Tim has previously been a press officer and intern in the press department of the Danish political party Det Radikale Venstre inside the Danish parliament, where he built bridges between politicians and the press, advised the politicians on their media appearances, wrote speeches and articles for the politicians and was campaigning for the vote to abolish one of the Danish opt-out in the EU regarding defense

Past Interns

Elora Bussière-Ladouceur (John Lemieux Student Fellow 2022-23)

Mohawib Hassan Doualeh (John Lemieux Student Fellow 2022-23)

Joshua "Jay" Sallos-Carter (John Lemieux Student Fellow 2022-23)

Nadia Trudel (John Lemieux Student Fellow 2021-22)

Logan Bates ( (John Lemieux Student Fellow 2021-22)

George Tsagaroulis (John Lemieux Student Fellow 2021-22)

Clementine Blateau

Levon Mouradian

Sooraya Peerally

Karen Rubbo

Antoine Tremblay

Thelma Guerrin

Patrick Groeneveld-Meijer

Helena Lang

Fatou C.D. Ndiaye

Haley Moore

Caroline Feldner

Alexandrine Royer

Duncan Cooper

Rutvi Ajmera 

Isabela Coleho

Greer Nicholson

Emily Enright

Silke Melbye-Hansen

Isabelle Tamoj

Lilian Leifert

Cedrick Mulcair

Chantalle Gonzalez Lopez

Marrisa Fortune

Riley Haley

Erin Storus

May White-Vimouth

Nathalie Hitimana

Zach Sementes

Zach Paikin

Arvin Eyunni

Adan Suazo

Lea Watrin 

Meaghan Shevell

Camila Gomez-Perales

Alejandra Espinosa

Adrien Orloowski

Aminka Belvitt

Randy Pinsky

Myriam Menard

Jonathan Rozen

Neekoo Collett

Sarah Wiley

Kaitlin Davella

Christoph Semken previously served as an Assistant for Information Technology and is currently completing his Master of Arts in International Relations and Economics at the University of Aberdeen. His latest publication "Tracking the Blue: Phone and Vehicle Location Systems for UN Peacekeeping" is available at

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