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The CSLP Systematic Review Team—Bob Bernard (Leader and Distinguished Professor Emeritus), Eugene Borokhovski (Review Team Manager and Affiliate Associate Professor), Richard Schmid (Professor of Education), David Pickup (Information Specialist), aided by collaborators and interested graduate students—conduct and publish large-scale systematic reviews of the impact of various educational interventions on student learning outcomes.

The methodology of systematic review includes qualitative research syntheses and meta-analyses aims to systematically evaluate and summarize findings of primary research carried out to address issues of educational theory, practice, policy or a combination of the three. One of the key goals for systematic reviews is to affect practice by providing researchers, educators, and policy makers with the most comprehensive evidence available. Systematic reviews, and meta-analyses in particular, synthesize large collections of data to determining the overall effectiveness of a particular treatment or policy by informing stakeholders “what works” in the field. Using sound statistical procedures, meta-analyses also explore and explain systematic variations in the observed effects aiming to identify the most favourable conditions for success of educational interventions.

Specifically, this team:

  • Focuses on the conduct of high quality and timely systematic reviews of research to address questions of applied value in education and the neighboring social sciences, especially ones that focus on the effectiveness of particular instructional interventions;
  • Develops expertise in the methodology of systematic reviews and procedures for disseminating research evidence to scholars, policy-makers, practitioners and the general public in a timely, cost-effective, clear, and impactful manner;
  • Actively encourages links between researchers, the community, and the general public;
  • Informs conversation among researchers, policy-makers and practitioners in aligned areas, such as the health sciences, to collaborate on a broader mission of using evidence to improve the quality of life for all Canadians.

Using methods that are objective, repeatable, transparent, systematic, comprehensive and integrative, team members identify, select and critically appraise relevant research for inclusion in each review, and collect and analyze data from the included research. The ultimate mission of the team is to disseminate research findings, through publication and presentation, to the widest audiences possible and to train students, the next generation of researchers, to the highest standards of methodological practice.


For a list of selected publications that the team has produced on a number of topics, please consult this document 

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