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Can we stop climate change?

My name is Damon Matthews and I co-created the Climate Clock to provide a visual representation of how much time we have left to act.

If global average temperature reaches 2°C the world could suffer devastating and irreversible climate change effects. If you look online and in the media, it’s very hard to find a good reference for when 2°C will actually happen. The 2°C target floats abstractly in the public mind. The Climate Clock acts as a public line in the sand which says, “This is the date.” It will act as a measuring stick by which we can evaluate our progress.

I co-created the Climate Clock because by measuring our progress against defined targets, humanity has the power to work together to add time to the climate clock; stopping and ultimately,reversing climate change. 

My name is Damon Matthews, and I research climate systems, climate change and environmental modeling. I’m a professor in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment as well as the Concordia University Research Chair in Climate Science and Sustainability.

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