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These Principles of Professional Conduct and Terms of Service for CMS Users (“Principles”), include behavioural guidelines which, if respected, will facilitate your career management experience. Furthermore, your respect of these Principles is appreciated by employers as by following these Principles, you clearly demonstrate your professionalism as well as the professionalism of JMSB students and of students of the University.

CMS is committed to provide all current and former JMSB students with helpful and useful tools and services to assist them with their career management process. CMS offers its services and support to all: (i) registered graduate students; (ii) undergraduate students currently pursuing a major, diploma or a certificate through JMSB; as well as (iii) JMSB alumni. If you are not a member of one of these groups (i.e., you are only taking a minor in JMSB), you may not use the CMS’s services. 

CMS is dedicated to enriching the JMSB experience by providing superior career-related resources, information and advising services. We aim to help students develop effective career management skills, which will enable them to reach their career aspirations and goals. CMS collaborates with the business community to better understand their recruitment needs and communicates this information to job seekers. To maintain the quality of these relationships and the reputation of the business school, students are expected to adhere to the Principles of Professional Conduct and Terms of Service for CMS Users at all times.

CMS provides its services with professionalism, courtesy and respect, adheres to ethical guidelines and does not engage in discriminatory behaviour. CMS represents JMSB and its student body in a professional manner to local, national and international employers.

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