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About the EDI Lab

The EDI Lab provides a platform for students and researchers to discuss EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) in research and practice and it is a safe space for sharing personal experiences and challenges with EDI work across the academic landscape.

EDI in the field of STEM is an emerging topic. National and international research funding programs univocally highlight the increasing importance of EDI, EDI statements and strategic plans have become an imperative part of research and university policies.

Despite its societal importance and its omnipresence in academia, the understanding of EDI in the context of natural sciences and engineering is still vague. While researchers are experts in their STEM fields, they are typically not trained in social sciences. Nonetheless, researchers are expected to know about EDI and are required to include EDI concepts into their research plans, proposals, and practice.

The EDI Lab provides an interdisciplinary platform to discuss and share such challenges and to develop evidence-based approaches for EDI in STEM.

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