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Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) Laboratory

This laboratory features Concordia's biggest robot used for advanced fiber placement for aerospace components.

Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) is a new technique for the  manufacturing of composites. It can provide cost reduction, repeatability, lower material wastage, and seamless computer code transition from manufacturing to design and vice versa. Many projects for Bombardier Aerospace and Bell Helicopter Textron Canada have been carried out using the equipment in this lab.

The main facilities include:

ADC Robotic Fiber Placement system (6 axis, 125 kg payload, Kawasaki articulated arm robot, thermoplastic head, and thermoset head.

AFP Hoa 1 Click to enlarge
EV0S2.309-Automated-fiber-placement-Robot1 Click to enlarge
AFP Hoa 2 Click to enlarge
EV0S2.309-Automated-fiber-placement-Robot2 Click to enlarge
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