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Courses for non-music students

Admission to Courses in Music for Non-Music Students

Specific procedures must be followed by all non-Music Majors wishing to register in the Music Department.

  • Not all courses are available to non-Music students. Please consult the Music Department for policy and accessibility of courses.
  • Students who wish to register for courses which have a theory prerequisite, given availability, must write the Theory Placement Test. This is done in the Music Department at least two weeks prior to the registration appointment date.
  • Students who wish to sing or play in an ensemble must contact the Music Department for information concerning audition and registration for Music Performance courses.


For course descriptions please visit the department’s undergraduate calendar page.

Note: All applicants (including transfers) must fill out a departmental form to open an account that will permit you to view your obligations (auditions, placement-tests, portfolios, etc) for acceptance and to reserve dates for an audition/examination.  This form is available after February 1.

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