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Jade De Bruto

惩前毖后 (ChéngQiánBìHòu) and Lucky 8


Artist statement

​​惩前毖后 (Chéngqiánbìhòu)​ and Lucky 8 are works that pertain to the idea of strength found within a community. Both pieces take inspiration from the recent rise of hate crimes against the Asian community. Sadly, victims of hate crimes that are a part of this targeted group are substantially less likely to report abuses to the police than other victims. This community, in the words of Brendan Lantz, internalizes "culturally-based ideologies which are antithetical to help-seeking, including notions about the importance of saving face and individual privacy.” The creation of the painting Lucky 8 and multimedia sculpture ​惩前毖后 (Chéngqiánbìhòu)​ aims to represent a hopeful future where support and growth are accomplished communally and motivate us to speak out against the racist attacks that many have endured.

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Artist's biography

Jade De Bruto is a Chinese South African contemporary mixed-media artist based in Montreal, Canada who works with drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation. Having always been fascinated by using art as a form of communication, she studied Studio Arts at Concordia University where she earned a BFA in 2022. De Bruto recently presented her work in the group exhibition What is not but could be if at the Soft Square Gallery. Through her artistic practice she explores themes related to self-discovery, mental illness and community building. Her roots and upbringing are also a big source of inspiration, allowing for abstract recreations of personal moments imbued with nostalgia, where she investigates tensions between rules, omissions, acceptance and denial, pulling the viewer around in circles.

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