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Belén Catalán

Te Odiamos Patriarcado

We hate you Patriarchy


Artist statement

We hate you Patriarchy is a documentation of the proud ticas and ticxs protesting the injustice that women and members of the LGBTQ community face every day in Costa Rica.

These photos were taken during the Women’s Day March on March 8th, 2022, in the province of San José, an empowering and moving event for many. Ticas and ticxs used their freedom of expression to create awareness, and proudly marched towards the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica to protest the transgression of their fundamental rights. Costa Ricans are tired of the normalization of male violence, from catcalling to the recurring and unnoticed femicides that happen in all parts of the country. Fortunately, some political figures were outraged by how the country and the media have been handling gendered violence.

Many individuals and political figures throughout Costa Rica’s history have paved the way to institute laws to protect women and queer individuals. However, they have not been effective or strong enough to create sustainable change. Costa Ricans will not be censored and will continue to fight for their rights, safety, bodies, decisions, and contributions to the country.

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Artist's biography

Belén Catalán is a Costa Rican visual artist based in Montreal. She is currently completing her bachelor's degree in Photography at Concordia University. In the past, Catalán has contributed portraits to several independent magazines and worked for artistic companies with a focus on fashion photography. Primarily working with experimental portraiture and photography, her multidisciplinary practice also includes painting, collaging, drawing, and sculpting. Through her work, she explores themes of nostalgia, the importance of representation, mental health, documentation, and journalism. Catalán received funding from the Small Grants Program (CUSGP) to produce work for this exhibition.

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