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CERC and C150 Symposium

This event, hosted by McGill University and the Tri-Agency Institutional Programs Secretariat, was a two-day virtual symposium offering participants the opportunity to connect with peers and members of the prestigious CERC and C150 Research Chairs programs, celebrate accomplishments, share diverse experiences and discuss challenges and best practices in successfully meeting the objectives of these programs. Topics covered ranged from medical sciences, built environment, bio-economy, and materials. Dr. Ursula Eicker, Concordia’s Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) was a presenter and moderator on the topic of “Looking Forward: Creating a sustainable future in a post-pandemic world”, and outlined her CERC groups’ work on sustainable urban development as well as the creation of the Next-Generation Cities Institute.

View the video presentations submitted by CERC/C150 Chairs for this conference

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