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5 Ways to Polish Your French for Life in Quebec

May 26, 2022
By GradProSkills

With French being the dominant language in Quebec, it barely needs saying that having a good command of French will make your life a lot easier if you plan to work and live in Quebec long-term. Your language learning need not stop once you leave the classroom, however. Here are five ways to top up your French skills, no matter what level you’ve reached.

do you speak french?

1. Practice the basics online

Some of you might have already heard of Duolingo, which offers basic language learning in a game-like format for free.

If you’re looking to supplement what you practice through Duolingo, GradProSkills French Conversation group leader Idir Guermah suggests Languages Online, a platform maintained by the Victoria (Australia) State Government. The website offers interactive exercises and worksheets, as well as translations to English. Another easy and simple way to learn French online is the Francais Facile website. Here you can test your French level, explore the courses and practice what you learn. 

For: Introductory level students
We suggest: Download Duolingo on your phone to practice while on your commute! (Click here for the Google Play Store or here  on your Apple device.)

2. Improving your listening comprehension online 

When it comes to online resources, you have multiple choices for learning the languag: from best podcasts to easy French songs for beginners. Thhis is an easy way to always listen to French and improve your undersdanding of the language as well as getting use to the pronounciations. 

For: Introductory level students
We suggest: Listen to Duolingo poscast and read the scripts for a better understanding.

3. Find a French-language TV or YouTube Channel you like, and watch it regularly

The BBC’s French language page offers a list of mostly news-related radio and TV shows in French (mostly news-related). 

For: Intermediate to advanced learners
We suggest: If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, check out Tout le monde en parle, a French-language current affairs show which airs on Radio-Canada on Sunday evenings.

4. Explore the Montreal outdoors with Plein air interculturel

For more than ten years, the Association récréative Milton-Parc has been organizing regular outdoor activities for newcomers to Montreal to promote bilingual exchange and intercultural understanding. Those activities include snowshoeing, skating, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and more.

For: All levels

5. Take Udemy Courses!

Concordia students, faculty and staff have free access to the Udemy courses. This service opens a door to a collection of more than 4,000 online courses. In order to access the service users must have an active Concordia email address. Simply log into your concordia account and enjoy learning French for free!

For: All levels.

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