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Your End-Of-Term Stress

And how to deal with it effectively
April 14, 2015
By GradProSkills

a stressed graduate student

Encountering stress is unavoidable - whether it’s defending your thesis, upcoming deadlines, managing tricky supervisor relations, or juggling a job and studies at the same time. But, there is plenty you can do to rewire your response to stress to minimize its negative impact on your life. By getting to the bottom of where your stressors are coming from and trying out some new techniques, you can rethink your approach to stress and reduce it significantly.

1. How To Make Stress Your Friend TEDx Talk: In this 15 minute talk, psychologist Kelly McGonial walks through some surprising new studies around stress and health. She urges people to see stress as positive, and think differently about mechanisms for stress reduction. First step when you’re feeling the pressure? Reach out to others.

2. 6 Ways Your Stressing Yourself Out (And How To Stop): This Muse article uncovers six surprising ways stress can sneak up on you, like being surrounded by clutter and too many high stress people.

3. How To Be More Productive And Happier During Times Of Stress: Forbes contributor Laura Shin takes on the stress of the end of the calendar year. She tells us how to make it through this stressful time happier, more productive and better prepared to take on the new year.

4. Managing Time and Stress on Advice and techniques tailored specifically for graduate students, covering topics like time management, prioritizing tasks, and self-care.

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