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Francine Pelletier: Five questions to a feminist journalist

Pelletier to speak at Reader’s Digest Annual Lecture Series in Journalism at Concordia on March 27, 2015
February 12, 2015
By Jonah Aspler

Francine Pelletier — award-winning journalist, feminist and Michener-Deacon Fellow at Concordia — has been pushing the envelope of investigative reporting for over 30 years. Pelletier has worked for almost every major news organization in Canada, from La Presse to CBCs fifth estate.

In this video, Concordia journalism graduate Jonah Aspler, BA 14, poses five questions to Francine Pelletier about her illustrious career, feminism, her upcoming talk at Concordia and her advice to young journalists.

Pelletier will be speaking at the Reader’s Digest Annual Lecture Series in Journalism, moderated by Montreal Gazette reporter Sue Montgomery, at Concordia on March 27, 2015. The talk is called, “Breaking the Silence 25 Years After École Polytechnique: Women, Violence and the Media.”

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