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Four decades of campus fashion

Flashback on 40 years of Concordia flare
September 8, 2014
By Marilla Steuter-Martin

Fashion is a benchmark that can clearly distinguish eras, from 1970s sideburns and feathered ’80s hair to ’90s grunge shirts and ’00s skinny ties. Over the last four decades, it’s remarkable to see how styles and trends changed — and re-emerged — on the Loyola and Sir George Williams campuses.

As we celebrate Concordia’s 40th anniversary, we take a look back on four decades of campus fashion.


Sideburns anyone? Sideburns anyone? This 1970s-era photo shows two Concordia students playing table hockey. At left, notice the Canada-Soviet summit series 1972 Team Canada hockey jersey and, at right, groovy plaid pants.
Big earrings and bigger glasses Big earrings and bigger glasses: This science student, circa 1976, sports thick rimmed glasses, dangling dream catcher-inspired earrings and classic pigtails.
Sit back and relax Sit back and relax: Flared jeans and furry moccasins, as worn by this studious Concordian, were all the rage in the mid-’70s.


The bold and the preppy The bold and the preppy: At right, a student sports a classic Gucci purse, buttoned up white shirt and Olivia Newton-John inspired hair. Her companion dons a Tom Selleck-style moustache, polo shirt and striped blazer.
Cartoons and royalty Cartoons and royalty: Another ‘80s fashion trend, at left, shows how track suit jackets surfaced as daily wear and Mickey Mouse popped up on T-shirts. At right, a student mirrors the same hair style as Princess Diana.


Oversized fits all Oversized fits all: Women of the ‘90s wore big Madonna-inspired hair and loose-fitting sweaters and knits.
Blond ambition Blond ambition: Gents during this time period put blonde highlights in their hair and wore shell and bead necklaces over layered T-shirts and short-sleeved button-ups.


Y2K accessories Y2K accessories: Choker necklaces and pixie cuts were big trends for women at the start of the millennium. Long locks for men re-emerged, on and off, for decades. This 2001 photo shows students at an editing console — equipment now outdated by next-generation laptops.
Millennial chic Millennial chic: Comfortable, casual style was prevalent among students during the late 2000s. Bold highlights, short-sleeved blazers and chunky jewellery were a hit with the women; guys wore laid-back button-up collared shirts and dark jeans.


2014 Slim is in: In 2014, skinny jeans reign supreme. Guys favour undercuts with shaved parts.

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