Artists in residence push their practice

Chloé Beaulac one of two Concordia grads to hone their craft at SAGAMIE, the National Research and Exhibition Centre for Contemporary Digital Art
February 24, 2014
By James Gibbons

Concordia grad Chloé Beaulac, BFA 10, ate, slept and breathed her craft for a week as an artist in residence at the SAGAMIE, the National Research and Exhibition Centre for Contemporary Digital Art, in Alma, Quebec.

Chloe Beaulac

From February 3 to 7, she had the opportunity to make prints and experiment with digital photography at the art-centric location.

Beaulac is the second Concordia graduate to stay at the Sagamie Art Centre in 2014. Carole Baillargeon, MFA 96 and BFA 86, also held a weeklong residency at the centre.

While in residency, artists have access to the centre’s labs and access to a technician who helps artists realize their creative visions. “The residency was a chance for me to push my practice forward and develop new work through research and testing new things,” says Beaulac.

Hundreds of artists from Canada and abroad apply to Sagamie for residency each year. Only 40 are selected. “The value is over $1,000, so it is really sought after,” says Beaulac.

‘The Vibert’ was created by Beaulac while in residence

Beaulac produced nearly 20 new artworks. “The project I worked on involved taking photographs and manipulating them,” she says. Her recent works explore travel and the feeling of being in-between places.

Beaulac says her Faculty of Fine Arts education was an important part of her growth. “I was president of the Student Printmaking Association,” says Beaulac. “Concordia funded me on a number of projects and this helped me persevere as an artist.”

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