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‘How sports helped my career’

Concordia Stingers athletes picked up tips for success in business and life from Barry F. Lorenzetti
October 1, 2013
By Louise Morgan

Sports and business are good teachers — and entrepreneur Barry F. Lorenzetti is passionate about both.

President and CEO of BFL CANADA, Lorenzetti leads the country’s largest employee-owned and operated commercial insurance broker and consulting services firm. He’s also a huge hockey fan and was an avid player growing up in Montreal’s Ville-Émard district.

Barry F. Lorenzetti Barry F. Lorenzetti, founder, president and CEO of BFL CANADA | Photo credit: Concordia University

During a recent talk at Concordia’s Loyola Campus, he addressed 250 Stingers varsity athletes in a packed F.C. Smith Auditorium.

In The game of life: lessons learned in sports and business, he shared his personal story of achievement. He offered his vision on corporate success and giving back to society through philanthropy.

Lorenzetti described the challenges he met early in his career. The experience with the politics of a public enterprise propelled him to take a leap and start his own business.

“I started to get very excited at the prospect of running my own firm,” said Lorenzetti, who admits it took a lot of hard work, especially at the beginning.

Since founding BFL 25 years ago, he has built an enterprise that counts over 450 employees in nine offices across the country — with Hockey Canada among its clients. He’s proud that BFL remains in private hands, with only employees holding shares.

Barry Lorenzetti and Patrick Boivin Barry F. Lorenzetti (left) with Patrick Boivin, director, Department of Recreation and Athletics

“I sometimes have to pinch myself to realize just how lucky I am. Anybody can have a dream, but one must at some point be able to realize it. Not an easy task when you’re on your own,” says Lorenzetti.

Much of the company’s success he attributes to teamwork — as important in business as it is in sports.

“I’m grateful to all the people who shared in my vision and helped it evolve from a dream into a reality.”

Other key success factors, he says, include strategy, planning, perseverance, execution and mentorship.

Lorenzetti said he hopes to inspire a new generation of leaders to dream big. “I know that some of you may feel that reaching your goals may seem like a long journey without knowing whether you will be successful or not.”

“If you really believe in what you want to accomplish and have the drive and passion inside, you will be successful.”

The lecture was followed by a cocktail reception at the Loyola Chapel.

Patrick Boivin, new director of Concordia’s Department of Recreation and Athletics, emceed the event. It was co-organized by Advancement and Alumni Relations and generously sponsored by BFL CANADA.

Barry Lorenzetti wearing his new Stingers jersey
From left: Kevin Figsby, coach, men's hockey; Youssef Kabbaj, Stingers hockey defenseman and political science student; BFL CANADA employee; and Barry F. Lorenzetti wearing his new Stingers jersey.

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