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Healthy sexuality resources

Find reliable information on the vast topics of sexuality and sexual heatlh.

Source: Health Services

Online resources

There is a lot of information about sex and sexuality online. Some is reliable and helpful; some of it...not so much. Consult this list for reliable information about sexuality and sexual health.

If you're doing your own research online, make sure you know how to evaluate the reliability of information on the internet.

Sex and U, a Canadian site from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, describes itself as “Your trusted resource for sexual and reproductive health”. It has reliable information on a variety of topics. Sections of the site include:

American Sexual Health Association's mission includes promoting "the sexual health of individuals" by "educating the order to foster healthy sexual behaviours and relationships and prevent adverse health outcomes". “There is plenty of information on sexual health that includes diverse topics such as sexual pleasuretalking about sex and oral sex and STIs

Planned Parenthood is an American organization with a global reach. The organization is proud to "deliver comprehensive sex education that empowers all people to make informed choices and lead healthy lives". Besides providing information on contraception and sexually transmitted infections, the Learn section addresses topics such as:

Netdoctor provides health information from "over 250 of the UK's and Europe's leading doctors and health professionals [who] write, edit and update the contents." The articles in the sexual health section of the site are not organized in themes, so use the search feature to find information on a topic of interest or simply browse the articles to see what catches your attention. Article titles include:

Healthy Sex is an educational site developed by Wendy Maltz, M.S.W., who is a certified sex therapist. The "site is dedicated to promoting love-based, healthy sexuality. The information found here can help you make responsible decisions about sex, heal sex problems, and increase your sexual pleasure and happiness with a partner." Features of the site include:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States has individual fact sheets on sexually transmitted infections in English and Spanish. Some fact sheets are also available in Chinese, Russian, Haitian Creole and Vietnamese.

Go Ask Alice! answers questions from students at Columbia University in New York City. The sexual and reproductive health section lists dozens of questions with their answers. Use the search feature to find answers to questions you are thinking about.

Our Bodies, Ourselves Today is an initiative of the Center for Women’s Health and Human Rights at Suffolk University; they develop and promote evidence-based information on girls’ and women’s reproductive health and sexuality. The website has information on a variety of health topics including:

The Sex You Want (for men who have sex with men) "has lots of information to help you figure out how to have the sex you want, and to help you and your partners think through the decisions that can impact your health."
Topics include:

OMGyes: The Science of Women's Pleasure is a series that presents evidence-based information about women’s sexual pleasure. Includes plain-language summaries of large peer-reviewed and published research, videos, myth-busting, and more. Access is by paid subscription. The content has been vetted by Concordia Health Services.

Transgender sexual health resources

  • Safer sex for trans bodies is a "safer sex guide for transgender and gender-expansive people, and for our partners and lovers."
  • Trans Care BC is provided by the Provincial Health Authority, so some of the resources are province-specific; but the health education is sound.
  • Aide aux trans du Québec: "ATQ fights for trans people’s rights to live life to the fullest in society and the right to grow in respect and dignity." They offer a 24/7 help line, active listening, virtual discussion groups, psychosocial interventions and resources distribution.
  • Project 10 works to promote the well being of 2LGBTQ+ youth and adults 14-25. Services include advocacy, education, active listening, accompaniment, socializing events, access to free gender gear, and more.
  • Trans Youth Sexual Health Booklet by UK-based grassroots organisation Gendered Intelligence covers topics like body positivity, relationships, sexual functioning, disclosure and more.

Montreal-based resources

More resources specific to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning individuals is available on the LGBTQ+ Resources in Montreal page.

Sex education

  • Sex and Self Concordia: A student-run organization whose mission is to provide students with comprehensive sexual education seminars, workshops, events, and resources. They maintain the Wellness Pantry, which offers menstrual products, gender affirming gear, safe-sex items and pleasure-based accessories for free.
  • SextEd is Montreal’s texting helpline for people seeking information about sex and dating. Texts are received anonymously. The ACCM team provides comprehensive, accurate and non-judgmental answers that include links to expert advice and local health services.

Talk therapy for painful sexual intercourse, sexual dysfunction, pornography addiction, etc.

  • Sex Couple Therapy: For clients with any sexual or couple related issue.
  • Elna Sexual Wellness: Can help a person or couple overcome sexual problems and improve sexual feelings and intimacy.
  • Association des sexologues du Québec: Use their search engine to find a therapist by filtering for clientele served and more; and read the therapists' description for information about language, whether they have a psychotherapist # (for insurance purposes), and more. You may choose to work with a psychologist with post-graduate training in sex therapy or a clinical sexologist, depending on the coverage afforded by your health plan.

Physiotherapy for painful sexual intercourse, sexual dysfunction

  • Active Solution Physiotherapy, Verdun
  • Amadea S. Kezar Physiotherapy Centre, Westmount
  • Google the keywords 'Perineal rehabilitation' for more physiotherapy centres that offer these services close to you. Students covered by Blue Cross and by the undergraduate and graduate student health plans all have some physiotherapy coverage; check out your plan's website to find out more.

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