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Frequently Asked Questions: Quebec Student Aid (AFE)

Posted on August 18, 2021

Unsure if you qualify for Quebec student aid? Please consult AFE's website to learn more about the requirements for full-time loans and bursaries and part-time loans applications

If you are uncertain about certain criteria, feel free to email us at

Are you eligible for AFE but don't have a permanent code yet? Please know that you will be required to mail a paper application. The Ministere will assign you a permanent code when processing your application. 

You can find the dowloadable forms, as well as all the relevant information on the AFE website

If you have already made request for a permanent code via Concordia University, please wait until you receive your permanent code before you fill out your AFE application. 

A student's full-time-status – as defined by Quebec's Aide financière aux études to assess a student loan or bursary – is determined by the number of credits for which she or he is registered and billed by our institution at the close of the tuition refund period.

You can find the detailed definitions for all educational levels here

Please consult Concordia University's program codes list to find your program code.

If you're unsure about which code to enter, or if your program is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us at

Please keep in mind that AFE only processes applications that are complete (i.e., that include both the form and all required documents). Incomplete applications will be processed only at the time of the reception of the missing document(s). You should first make sure that you have indeed submitted all the necessary paperwork. 

If you have submitted a complete application, you can consult AFE processing dates page. It should give you a general idea as to when you should expect your application to be processed.   

If you still have concerns about the status of your application, please send us an email at

One very important thing to remember regardless of the program you are applying to:  students must apply every year and apply early – a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks before the beginning of the semester in order to receive their funding in time for the start of term.

AFE verifies all the course registrations once before the star of each term at a specific period. Please ensure that you have completed your registration before this date in order to avoid delays in your funding. We will announce the verification period via a notice on our website. 

Please remember that waitlisted classes do not appear on transcript and therefore do not count toward your credit load. If you are enrolled in Fall/Winter classes, the credits are divded equally between the Fall and the Winter semesters. 

You can request a confirmation of enrolment via email at or call us at 514-848-2424 ext. 3507. Please do not forget to provide us with your Concordia student ID number. 

If you have applied for a part-time loan with AFE, you will need to submit a confirmation of part-time studies form

Once you have filled out your part of the form, you may email it to us at as a PDF attachment and an advisor will fill out the rest. 

Please send us an email at

You can navigate to the Aide financière aux études website where you can login in to My Student Financial Assistance file and update your information.

Please let us know via email at and so we can confirm your student status with AFE.

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