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Meet Kathryn Peterson

Behavioural Skills Specialist and CCE Workshop Trainer
October 5, 2022

Kathryn Peterson Fun fact: Peterson is the author of two children’s books.

It was a passion for people and a desire to make a difference that launched Kathryn Peterson's 14-year career in the social sector as an intervention worker. It was these same motivations that inspired her new career as a professional coach and trainer in 2006.

"I love leading workshops at Concordia Continuing Education because the people who come don't have to be there—they choose to be there,” Peterson said. “They want to learn and grow."

Peterson is a licensed trainer with Think on Your Feet®, an internationally recognized organization that helps people strive for clarity, brevity and impact. She is also a certified Skilled Presenter™ and an accredited PassionWorks™ trainer, who teaches people how to inject passion into their workplace. 

Peterson relies on her extensive training to propel the professional success of her students at Concordia Continuing Education through her courses and workshops like stress managementdealing with difficult peoplebuilding resilience and emotional intelligence

In these classes, Peterson emphasizes the importance of possessing strong behavioural skills. She notes that, according to a study by the World Economic Forum called The Future of Jobs, the demand for behavioural skills, such as emotional intelligence, is increasing in comparison to narrow technical skills.

"A lot of studies show that with equal technical ability, the person who has the higher emotional intelligence skills is always more of a success,” Peterson said.

Peterson approaches her teaching with a dynamic and engaging attitude. She strives to make participants feel comfortable enough to speak up and share their personal experiences. Her passion for improving the lives of others shapes her main objective of ensuring each student benefits from one another.

For 14 years, Peterson worked in the social sector, helping the homeless and those suffering from addiction. Today, Peterson continues to nurture her philanthropic spirit by running marathons to help raise money and awareness for social causes. We're proud and honoured to call her a member of the CCE family.

To learn more about Peterson's upcoming online workshops, click here.

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