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The new Cyber Resilience Diploma

A pertinent and innovative solution


A cyberattack can be catastrophic for any organization. In fact, today, client information is as valuable as gold. When it comes to cyberattacks, the question isn’t if they’ll happen, it’s when!

The impact of cyberattacks on an organization’s finances and productivity can be catastrophic, leading to both lawsuits from clients and government fines that can both be crippling. Very few organizations are capable of recovering. Many will lose virtually all their clients and may even be driven to bankruptcy.

The only defence is a good offence, which means hiring the best professionals to ensure not only cyber-security, but continuous and ever-greater cyber-resilience. While many in the IT field claim to be experts in cybersecurity, few if any, have true expertise in cyber-resilience. And that’s where you come in.

Concordia Continuing Education has partnered with the city of Montreal to offer its new Cyber Resilience Diploma as part of the Accélérer les Talents initiative, which prepares students to deal with the new challenges and realities of cybercrime.

We take great pride in offering this program and we’re confident it will meet the needs and expectations of students, businesses, their clients, and IT professionals alike. 

Many other companies and organizations are also taking an active role in this vital program, which will be of immense benefit here in Quebec and across the country. To them we offer our sincere thanks and appreciation: Deloitte, RHEA Group, IBM, Banque nationale, Desjardins, CGI, Cyber Eco, TechnoCompetences, YES Montreal, and CITIM.  

In keeping with our usual standards, CCE ensures that the teaching staff will be comprised of industry experts who’ll offer practical and concrete learning based on real case studies from the business world. The program includes 180 hours of course work followed by a work-integrated learning experience (internship) to ensure students apply and hone what they’ve learned and to prepare them for entry into the job market as cyber-resilience experts.


Find out more about our new online Diploma in Cyber Resilience, the application form and the bursary eligibility.

Click here to watch our recent bilingual information session with CITIM.

Or, watch our recent English information session with YES Montreal below:

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