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When innovation becomes a source of inspiration

Meet Adrian Gonzalez Sanchez: University Lecturer and Senior Consultant on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology
November 15, 2019
By Malav Mehta

Adrian Gonzalez Sanchez

Born in Spain, Adrian’s curiosity to explore new technologies and enthusiasm to continue learning has taken him to many places across the globe. Having completed a degree in Telematics in Madrid and a Master of Science in Mobile Communication in France, his journey has led him to Montreal to pursue an MBA with a focus on Data and AI Strategy.

As an educator at Concordia Continuing Education, HEC and MIT Sloan Executive Education, Adrian’s mission is to inspire and mentor the next wave of talents so that they may reach their full potential. “With power comes responsibility,” as Adrian says, and his obligation to his student is to utilize the knowledge and experience he has gained to explore the avenue where skills meet values.

“Big Data and AI are very complex areas, but I like to see them as enablers to innovate,” Adrian explains. Having extensive experience with leading data-centric companies like Dhatim, Geoblink, and being a frequent AI consultant for companies such as CGI, IVADO Labs, Adrian understands the importance of using a project-based approach to stimulate the minds of aspiring professionals in the industry.

Fun Facts: An adventurer at heart, Adrian will go the extra mile to follow his dreams, moving to cities unknown to pursue his goals. Being an effective time manager, he still finds time in his busy schedule to indulge in his hobbies such as comics (he’s got an extensive collection we hear), traveling and gastronomy.

Discover Adrian’s courses and workshops at Concordia Continuing education such as: Making Sense of Blockchain Technology, Data and AI Project Management and Intro to Big Data Business Cases and Data Collection as part of the Diploma in Big Data. Register today and take the first step towards your journey in the advanced world of Big Data and AI!

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