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Meet Isabel Dunnigan

February 1, 2018

Isabel Dunnigan Photo: STUDIO GRIFFINTOWN, Luc Robitaille

When she’s not spending time with her two teenagers, playing music, enjoying nature’s treasures or practicing yoga, Isabel Dunnigan is continuously working on renewing Concordia Continuing Education’s (CCE) offerings, designing new programs, workshops and launching new projects. A little over two years ago when she joined Concordia University’s Continuing Education, her vision was to create an innovative place at Concordia where everyone is welcome to study, whatever the educational background or learning goals. CCE has become a crossroads for students to engage in learning that is collaborative, genuine, immersive, innovative and versatile.

The depth of Isabel’s knowledge, the quality of her experience in business and curriculum design, her passion for learning and the strong administrative team she built since her arrival explains why Concordia Continuing Education is attracting new students, professionals coming from various industries and regional organizations. Isabel is proud of the many accomplishments she has achieved, such as launching an official IELTS Test Centre in collaboration with the British Council, developing a successful study-abroad program for engineering students from France and launching a professional workshop series.

"What we know today is not the most important thing. What is critical is our ability to continuously adapt and evolve. It is an attitude, a talent to put together our strengths, experiences and network to meet new challenges of our fascinating changing world. Lifelong learning is the key. It is my passion."

Fun Fact:  Isabel is a young retiree from the Orchestre symphonique de Sherbrooke.

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