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The data guru

Roberto Lara, BSc 03
November 6, 2023
By Doug Sweet

A man wearing a suit and tie smiles in front of a yellow-orange background.

“Today’s world is shaping up to be all about data,” says Roberto Lara, vice-president of Digital Transformation and Analytics at Precision Medicine Group (Precision), a multinational company with headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, that assists biopharmaceutical companies with clinical trials, laboratory services and commercialization services.

Based in Montreal, Lara joined the company in 2017 and is responsible for the design and management of PRISM, Precision’s data strategy and analytics centre of excellence.

A father of three young girls, Lara recalls his days at Concordia fondly, particularly for being where he met his now-wife, Jennifer McLean, BComm 03.

Greatest career accomplishment

“Establishing a strong Canadian affiliate for Precision and competing within the global landscape.”

The Concordia factor

“Being exposed to students from many disciplines, and being able to do electives in business was a huge influence on my career. I came out of Concordia with a very strong science background, as well as a foundational learning for the business operations.”

Influential person

“My wife — she’s been with me for the entire ride and was instrumental in my course selection and for exposing me to the intersection of science and business.” 

Career advice

“If you’re not studying computer science, try to take some classes in the department. Those who have the capacity to leverage data are going to have the brightest futures — and I would invite them to reach out to me on LinkedIn and see if they’re interested in an internship!”

Canadian content

“The high calibre of my Concordia professors who came from abroad but chose to set up in Canada showed me we have individuals with the same competencies and professionalism you can find anywhere in the world.”

Greatest challenge

“Attracting business to Canada. In the global landscape, I’ve found that at times Canada can be overlooked.”

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