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The design and fitout visionary

Patrick Daniel, BEng 99
November 6, 2023
By Richard Burnett, BA 88

A man with round black and yellow glasses is wearing a grey fedora, striped shirt, white suspenders and black bow tie.

Blue Camel Design co-founder and managing partner Patrick Daniel grew up in Dubai, where his multi-award-winning interior design and fit-out company continues to push boundaries.

Operating from a designer’s philosophy, Blue Camel has for more than two decades executed more than 200 projects for multinationals, governments, boutiques, businesses and deluxe private homes in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the region. These include the Emirates Airline business class lounge at Dubai International Airport, iconic projects at the Al Serkal Avenue arts and culture district and exclusive residences on Dubai’s waterfront at Palm Jumeirah.

The combination of Daniel’s vision, execution and deep roots in the UAE have made Blue Camel a go-to, one-stop-shop for clients looking to bring their spaces to life.

Proudest moment

“Migrating to Canada and getting into Concordia changed the way I think about and deal with situations. So I really thank Concordia, Montreal and Canada for helping shape who I am today.”

Career moment

“After returning to Dubai to work as a product manager for an IT company, my biggest career moment was moving from a corporate to an entrepreneurial life with my business partner Bruno Nakad when we co-founded Blue Camel Design in 2004.”

The Concordia factor

“After growing up in Dubai, experiencing diverse groups of people in my classes was a game-changer. Today Dubai is a melting pot, but discovering that diversity when I was attending Concordia was a key factor in my growth, and I have maintained lifelong friendships with many of my classmates to this day.”

Career advice

“One thing I tell people is don’t mind change. Accept it because we all must go through change, even if it’s not what you expect it to be.” 

Ingredient to success

“I believe business ethics are important in any industry. Business ethics are key for success.”

Favourite pastime

“I’m a big running fan and I love going to the gym. I also enjoy a cigar and single malt. It helps me unwind.”

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