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The multitalented actor-turned-director

Mariloup Wolfe, BFA 03
November 6, 2023
By Luke Quin, BA 07

Portrait of a woman with long, wavy blonde hair is wearing wire-rimmed glasses and a black top.

In her more than 20-year film and television career, Mariloup Wolfe has seamlessly toggled between being an on-screen talent and a behind-the-camera visionary.

Following her breakout role in the hit Télé-Québec youth series Ramdam (2001-08), her reputation as an actor thrived. All the while, she kept her sights on her first passion — directing — utilizing her time on sets to glean all she could about the job.

“Acting offered me an invaluable opportunity to study how the best directors successfully execute their vision,” says Wolfe, who has since directed multiple hit productions including feature films Jouliks (2019), Arlette (2022) and Coeur de Slush (2023).

Wolfe's diverse talents have made a mark on francophone cinema, with critical acclaim that includes six Prix Gémeaux nominations.

Starring in a hit series while studying

“I was in the middle of completing my BFA when I landed my role in Ramdam. The show shot 100 episodes annually, 70 of which featured my character. I loved being on set, but it was my classes at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema that reinforced my desire to direct.”

The transition to directing

“When I left Concordia, few women were working as directors in Quebec. Also, my image as a young female actor had been cemented in the minds of most industry professionals. My background at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, however, provided me the credibility and qualifications I needed to make my pitch for a chance to direct.”

Directing veteran actors

“On the one hand, it’s easy since they are so experienced. On the other hand, they still want to be directed. They want to be pushed to stretch and experiment. It’s important to find the right language and approach to support them. My years as an actor serve me well. I feel that actors sense my appreciation for what they do. It allows us to build mutual trust.”

Career advice

“You need to be perseverant and believe in your project. Financing doesn’t come easy. I started work on my last film, Coeur de Slush (2023), in 2016.”

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