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The seasoned investment navigator

Kevin Headland, BComm 99
July 4, 2022
By Damon van der Linde, BA 08

In his 20 years at Manulife Investment Management, Kevin Headland has seen his share of ups and downs in financial markets.

Faced with today’s global volatility, rising inflation and fears of recession, as co-chief investment strategist at Manulife he is helping more than 1,200 financial advisors across Canada navigate this uncertain landscape and keep clients on course to their financial goals.

“I have a passion for this industry,” he says. “I've been very fortunate to work for a company that provides me the opportunity to do what I love, and for the great people I work with.”

In addition to giving financial advisors the information and tools to build better portfolios, Headland has a range of responsibilities, from high-level economic analysis to investor education.

His proven investment expertise is quoted by finance reporters at news outlets including Reuters, The Globe and Mail, Investment Executive and Wealth Professional, and he is regularly invited to share his expertise as a guest on BNN Bloomberg.

Helping today’s investors

“There's a lot of human behaviour to manage during times like these. Advisors can help make sure those insecurities don't result in knee-jerk reactions that can derail financial goals.”

Important lesson from 20 years of investment management

“As Mark Twain said: ‘History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes.’

It's important to look at past periods to gain insight about what may happen, but at the same time, you should be open to the nuances unique to every environment.”

The Concordia experience

“One of my favourite aspects was the small class sizes. Throughout my time of Concordia, I think every professor knew my name and I could go to their offices after hours. I also have lifelong friends I met as part of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.”

Preparing for live broadcast interviews

“A lot of people think BNN Bloomberg appearances are scripted and taped, but they certainly are not. Like any meeting I’ve had with a financial advisor, I never know what they're going to ask. I have to be prepared for all potential outcomes.”

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