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Meet the next generation of Brainbox AI

Brainbox AI recruits talent at all levels
July 5, 2021
By Suzanne Bowness

Brainbox AI recruits talent at all levels. Hear from recent interns on what it’s like to gain experience at a startup on the rise.

What do you do at Brainbox AI?

Minhajul Hoque, BEng 21
Former engineering intern full-time employee as of May 2021

Minhajul: I test algorithms creating cases and procedures to catch bugs or quality issues. 

Christopher: I put technical information into marketing wording and pieces, doing competitive landscape work, and more. 

Jacqueline: I support the algorithm research team by looking at the energy consumption and trends for HVAC equipment in buildings to strategize their improvement. 

What do you enjoy most about your internship?

Jacqueline Mlakar, BEng student
Data analyst intern

Jacqueline: It’s an amazing work environment. I am surrounded by inclusive, friendly and open-minded mentors. I like that our main focus is fighting climate change. My position allows me to interact with people in different departments. 

Christopher: The culture and the common value of wanting to solve a big problem. Also, having mentors that understand where you are in your life and who are there for you is huge. 

Minhajul: I really enjoy BrainBox AI’s atmosphere and collective mindset. Being a smaller company, you get to know everyone on a deeper level. 

How will your time at Brainbox AI advance your future career? 

Christopher Hum, BComm student
Sales and Marketing Intern

Christopher: I am learning a lot — things like developing the thoughts behind an idea or how to communicate and collaborate with different departments. These things put me one step ahead.

Jacqueline: I learn something new every day in the world of AI, smart controls, prediction models and more. I’m challenged to learn and actively play a part in an important world issue I am very passionate about. 

Minhajul: I am learning how to have great code quality and how to create proper testing for scripts. More importantly, I am working in the AI field, which is what I am most passionate about. 

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