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Poetry: Works by Benjamin Bush Anderson

Gabriel Safdie Undergraduate Creative Writing Award for Poetry
October 2, 2020

Benjamin Bush Anderson Benjamin Bush Anderson

an essay on sustainability

With an ornery wink and a one two three I buttoned my shirtsleeves. We woke exhausted we’d been peering in our sleeps. You felt it important to note that we held our hands with our wrists, our wrists with our elbows. I argued our fingers were held by our knuckles, our knuckles held by our shoulders. This was an impasse, we both held our ground. With what you asked we giggled. You held my gaze a moment longer

PURRING THE LINE’S GONE SLACK [Portions of Poem Broken Free from the Leash]
AN ANGLE MOVING TOO QUICKLY TO BE NAMED it was about ye high and ye wide there was mutual relief like a ceasefire or the end of a singalong didn’t you unhook the sidelong look from the whites of your eyes or am I imagining your face twelve hundred miles from here where the bullseye is in the periphery and centerstage is a trapdoor you twirled a baton but that is beside the point the point is here nestled at the bottom of an iceberg where solid ice and icecold water mingle in their experimental ozone too preoccupied with becoming to stop and smell the undertow

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