‘George Lengvari Jr. equips our athletes to pursue their dreams’

A standout Concordia champion is celebrated at his namesake men’s basketball cup
February 19, 2020
By Ian Harrison, BComm 01

 Lengvari Cup tipoff

With guest of honour George F. Lengvari Jr., BA 63, courtside, the second annual Concordia-McGill George Lengvari Cup game captivated men’s basketball fans and honoured the esteemed alumnus on February 15 at Loyola Campus.

A graduate, former star athlete and proud supporter of men’s basketball at both schools, Lengvari Jr. presided over the ceremonial tip-off, applauded the efforts of both squads from start to finish and presented the trophy to the winner.

Beyond the final score ― a narrow 54-58 victory for McGill ― the story of the game was one of mutual respect between cross-town rivals. The spirit of sportsmanship was well represented by the man behind the Lengvari Cup.

“George’s support acts as a great vote of confidence in our players,” said Graham Carr, Concordia’s president.

“It’s the kind of respect that buoys your spirit and can provide a crucial lift during those tough practices and tight games. It allows our student-athletes to be better-rounded people and better ambassadors.”

Lengvari Jr.’s generosity on behalf of the Stingers has helped the program increase coaching resources, boost a scholarship fund for student-athletes and travel to the U.S. to play NCAA-level competition. He has also served as a mentor to players and coaches.

Graham Carr and George F. Lengvari Jr.

The esprit du corps continued afterwards, where players and coaches from both schools joined prominent members of the Concordia community, such as beloved former Stingers coach John Dore, at a cocktail reception in the Loyola Chapel.

Lengvari Jr. was fêted with a framed Stingers jersey and a tribute book that commemorates his athletic accomplishments, career milestones and special relationship with Concordia.

“George Lengvari Jr. equips our athletes to pursue their dreams,” said Stingers coach Rastko Popovic.

“In recognition of George’s generosity, as well as that of Marcel Elefant [BComm 60] — who also supported the team this year, in honour of George — we have established two new financial awards for men’s basketball in their names,” he announced to applause.

Forward Olivier Simon, who had 12 points in the game, told the assembled crowd that the team aspired to make Lengvari Jr. proud. “On behalf of the Stingers, I would like to express my deep gratitude to George for his continued support. We hope to one day join your name in Concordia’s Sports Hall of Fame.”

George F. Lengvari Jr., BA 63, as a Loyola Warrior in the 60's

Lengvari Jr. was inducted twice. First was in 2001 as a player on the 1962-63 Loyola Warriors, which he led to a first-ever championship as top scorer and most valuable player. In 2011, he was inducted as an individual athlete.

The last word went to Lengvari Jr., remarking on the exceptional sportsmanship he observed on the court.

“That was fantastic — hats off to you all. Thank you for this great honour. It’s great to be here and long may it continue.”

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