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Denim Day fundraiser surpasses $50,000 since inception

This year’s efforts bring in nearly $3,000 for cancer research and early detection of breast cancer
May 29, 2023

What began as a novel nationwide fundraiser in exchange for permission to wear jeans in the workplace has culminated this year in $50,000 raised by Concordians for the CURE Foundation to advance breast cancer research and invest in early detection.

Back in the 1990s, Denim Day was spearheaded by Ann McLaughlin and Donna Cooper, both now retired. In exchange for a $5 donation to the CURE Foundation, Concordia employees had the right to wear jeans to work that day. While wearing denim to the office is not such a big deal anymore, the focus has moved to wearing a pink ribbon in solidarity with the courageous people affected by this disease.

Now Marian Pinsky at the Student Success Centre has taken up the reins, and on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the university community generously stepped up with donation boxes and bake sales. More than $2,750 was raised this year alone, smashing the initial objective of $1,500. 

Student Success Centre employees wearing pink ribbons and denim jeans behind a bake sale table Student Success Centre
Back row: Andrea Taylor, Maya Youngs-Zaleski, Patrick Peng, Debbie Arless, Catherine-Ann Starr-Prenovost, Saba Din, Julie Foisy
Front row: Marian Pinsky, Julia Stein, Sarah Sullivan, Haleh Raissadat, Shadi Asadollahi, Jason Mitchell, Nancy Favron
Alumni Engagement employees wearing pink ribbons and denim jeans Alumni Engagement
Princess Symonds-Côté, Aishwarya Nandakumar, Alana Mota, Angela Kelley and Irit Gur
8 Co-op Institute employees wearing pink ribbons and denim jeans Institute for Co-operative Education.
Back row: Nathalie Steverman, Melissa Clidaras, Kasia Tomasinska, Anna Sommer
Front row: Elana Wright, Betty Jurian, Dalia Gutierrez, Vanessa Guercio
Chemistry & Biochemistry employees wearing denim and pink ribbons Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jennifer Sachs, Lisa Montesano, Marika Dochia, Hilary Scuffell
Design and Computation Arts employees wearing denim jeans and pink ribbons Design and Computation Arts
Professor pk langshaw, Kathy McAleese, Angela Enea, Michelina Sardella

Donations continue to be accepted at the online team fundraising link. Those of $20 or more are eligible for a tax receipt.

Your generosity supports the CURE Foundation's efforts to improve the lives of those affected by breast cancer by funding research, education and awareness across Canada. Past donations have gone toward the of purchase state-of-the-art equipment for quicker and more precise detection which facilitates treatment.

A big thank you to the entire Concordia community.

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