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Update about Concordia daycare

Read a message from Michael Di Grappa, Vice President, Services and Sustainability, and Maria Ottoni Director, CPE Concordia
November 23, 2022
By Michael Di Grappa and Maria Ottoni

Dear community members,

We wanted to take a few moments to update you on the situation regarding the Centre de la petite enfance (CPE).

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts, concerns and suggestions. We both understand and appreciate the immeasurable value of the CPE. It plays an important role for the Concordia community and we share everyone’s collective desire to find a mutually satisfactory resolution. 

Concordia University and the CPE administration have been in conversations over the past year. After a recent round of collaborative and fruitful discussions, we are pleased to share with you today that:

  • Concordia has agreed to extend the CPE’s lease until August 31, 2025. This extension will provide the CPE with the additional time it has requested to find a new location, with the help and support of the Ministère de la Famille. 
  • Concordia University will be accompanying the CPE throughout this process with the Ministère, including meeting with the CPE administration, relocation committee members and project professionals, as required. The CPE has also engaged the services of a real estate management firm, Colliers, to provide the specialized assistance and expertise to find a new location. 
  • The University has committed to maintaining its current level of funding and other support for the CPE once it is relocated.

We’d like to reiterate that we are both fully committed to working together so that Concordia faculty, staff and students of the Sir George Williams campus have access to daycare services.

We are hopeful that over the next few months and with the support and guidance available from the Ministère de la Famille, a suitable location will be found.


Michael Di Grappa
Vice President, Services and Sustainability

Maria Ottoni
Director, CPE Concordia

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