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'A once in a lifetime moment'

Concordia's 2020 and 2021 classes return to mark their graduation
September 6, 2022
By Mark Sinclair

It was an unprecedented moment last week as many of Concordia’s 2020 and 2021 graduates returned to the university to walk across the stage and collect their diplomas in person.

The highly anticipated event took place after the COVID-19 pandemic threw many challenges the cohorts’ way: adapting to virtual learning, finding community during isolation and coping with ongoing uncertainty — to name only a few.

“Today is especially meaningful because you completed your studies under truly extraordinary conditions. It demanded that all of us adapt, adapt again and continue adapting,” said university president Graham Carr in his remarks. 

Wala Amara, BA 20, who finished her studies during the height of the pandemic reflected on how a traditional convocation has special meaning for her.

“We didn’t have the chance to celebrate, to really take it in. The pandemic took that from us and I’m really happy we get to experience it now.”

Matthew Martino, BA 21 echoed Amara’s sentiments.

“I really enjoyed studying at Concordia… I think it’s time to celebrate our achievements and come together."

The ceremonies, which ran from August 24 to August 29, helped to bookend a formative experience for many, while also offering the opportunity to join the Concordia alumni family — in person.


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