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COVID measures remain in place on campus

An update from the Environmental Health and Safety team
March 10, 2022

With COVID-19-related measures gradually being lifted across the country, public health authorities appear to be signalling that we are moving to a new phase of the pandemic, one in which we are learning to live with the ongoing presence of the virus while otherwise going about our regular activities.

As Concordia has done since the onset of the pandemic, the university will continue to adjust to the evolving health situation and public health directives while maintaining a prudent approach that prioritizes the health and safety of Concordians. As such, many of the COVID measures that we implemented two years ago remain in place. Learn more about our Return-to-Campus Roadmap.

Physical distancing remains two metres

Although Quebec’s worker health and safety board (CNESST) has recently reduced the length of physical distancing required in open-concept office spaces from two metres to one, Concordia is choosing to maintain two metres for the time being, out of an abundance of caution. 

We will monitor the impact of reduced physical distancing outside the university over the coming weeks and re-evaluate the situation accordingly. Any changes will be communicated at that point.

Masks remain mandatory in classrooms and certain shared spaces

As you may be aware, Quebec’s health authorities have announced that procedure masks would no longer be required in indoor public spaces beginning at some point in April, the exact date for which has not yet been provided. 

For the time being and until further notice, procedure masks remain mandatory in Concordia’s classrooms. Masks also remain mandatory in any shared spaces where two metres of physical distancing is not possible, including elevators and hallways.

As previously announced, those employees in open-concept office spaces or departmental conference rooms may now remove their masks if they remain seated and at least two metres from others. Those who sit behind plexiglass partitions can also remove their masks. 

Vaccine passport requirements easing

As of Saturday, March 12, vaccine passports will no longer be required for non-core activities, including social events, recreation and athletic games, fundraising and community engagement activities, and student group meetings.

Similarly, vaccine passports will no longer be required in cafeterias on campus, at Le Gym or at the PERFORM fitness centre.

Questions? Contact us

The public health situation continues to evolve, and we thank you for your continued understanding as we adapt our plans accordingly. We will keep you updated.

For any questions related to COVID-19, please consult the FAQs available on our Coronavirus website, or send an email to

Faculty and staff can also contact the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) team via an email to for any questions or concerns regarding health and safety. 

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