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Implementing Quebec’s vaccine passport for non-essential services at Concordia

Read a message from Nadia Hardy, Interim Deputy Provost, and Michael Di Grappa, Vice-President, Services and Sustainability
September 1, 2021
By Nadia Hardy and Michael Di Grappa

Dear Concordians,

Quebec’s vaccination passport came into effect September 1, 2021, limiting access to certain non-essential services to those who can show Quebec issued proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Those with a smart phone should download the necessary app as soon as possible. Individuals who do not have a smart phone should print a paper proof of vaccination (QR code) to present as required.

To protect the continued health and wellbeing of our community, as well as to comply with public health requirements, starting immediately Concordia will require a vaccination passport for activities and in locations not directly linked to the university’s academic, research and institutional work.  

The government’s guiding principle in identifying situations requiring vaccination is that these are non-essential services or activities that pose a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure, even for those fully vaccinated. 

For Concordia, this definition translates to the following:

Concordia activities and spaces where the vaccination passport IS REQUIRED: 

  • Seated dining spaces, including bars, fast food locations and residence cafeterias;  
  • Sports, recreational activities and related events; 
  • Outdoor events and gatherings of more than 50 people;
  • Social events like “frosh” activities, student clubs, department or unit social gatherings, or others activities where attendance is not required for work or credit; and 
  • Cinemas, performing arts venues and the chapel (unless used for activities where no vaccination passport is required).

Concordia activities and spaces where NO vaccination passport is required: 

  • Classes, labs, studios or other course-related places and activities; 
  • University business, including department meetings, training sessions and other activities essential to teaching, research and administration;  
  • Art galleries; and 
  • Libraries.

Implementation details 

Representatives of a unit, department, student group or event are expected to check that participants have a Quebec-certified vaccination passport. VaxiCode is the free application for download deployed by the government which allows people to verify the vaccination status of customers and event participants. 

In the coming days, Concordia unit heads will receive more information about the implementation of the vaccination passport.  

In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and encourage all those not yet fully vaccinated to visit ClicSanté to find the nearest location for a COVID-19 vaccine and learn more about Quebec’s COVID-19 vaccine program

Wishing you health and a great beginning of the fall term, 

Nadia Hardy
Interim Deputy Provost and Vice-Provost,
Faculty Development and Inclusion

Michael Di Grappa
Services and Sustainability

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